Installing a ductless mini-split system in a small restaurant dining room

Most of our local indoor comfort business clients are homeowners, but my pal and I occasionally get commercial clients… My most recent customer was a restaurant owner who needed an cooling system professional to install a quality HVAC in their hot dining room after several employees resigned due to heat stress, and the customer had thought that having windows in the space would be enough, but once they got busy, it became clear that an HVAC upgrade was necessary to help with indoor comfort, but a central air conditioner already covered the rest of the space, but they needed something that only served the dining room.

As their cooling system worker, I commanded that they install a ductless mini-split unit.

The owner thought an electric heat pump would be the solution, however I explained that it would be wasteful for one small space. My pal and I also agreed to add a digital control unit for the dining room so that they had also manage to turn it on plus off depending on when they needed it. The owner agreed plus purchased the component at the local cooling corporation! It was a relatively straight-forward task since I have done several similar upgrades, plus the dining room was well-planned. My pal and I also did an air conditioner tune-up for the other unit, which was due in a month, but it seemed more reasonable to finish all the work at once, and since they have two unusual units, my pal and I also organized how to handle air conditioner maintenance to ensure that they both worked throughout the year separate from fail. I also added them to the cooling specialist emergency response list in case they had a failure during peak hours plus needed a quick response.


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