Interviewing for the open a/c position

I had been hearing multiple good things about the a/c corporation I was applying to, and this was a small company that had trained & certified many cooling specialists, but it had a reputation among homeowners for offering quality as well as low cost service.

I applied for the a/c expert job at the dealership.

As I researched the interview process they used, my stomach was turning from anxiety. The interview processes were expansive as well as scared off multiple other applicants, and when I received the callback, I was honestly stoked, mum encouraged myself and others that I would ace the interviews. The interview began by being shown multiple cooling products, as well as all of us had to mention their name and how they function, as well as whether or not they require any a/c tune-up. I was honestly usual with the cooling equipment, so I felt that I aced the first round. The more I advanced in the rounds, the more complex the questions were. The interview also had some practical sections. I was requested to outline the steps involved in replacing dirty a/c air filters. As an upcoming A/C rep, I had updated multiple filters, so this question was a breeze; One of the most challenging questions that might have given myself and others stress was being asked to illustrate as well as outline the steps of a/c repairs on a heat pump. Another tricky question was to list the things to avoid when doing an a/c installation. There were also several questions about the cooling technology, which was my favorite thing when reading more about a/c. The goal was for me to show my understanding of cooling system repair, as well as land the work, which is what I did. Though the interview was intense, I totally aced it.

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