It lost control of the temps

My smart temperature controls have had some dire issues lately.

But the worst issue is when it lost all control of the temps & started turning on by itself & making my cabin so tepid I had to leave & go to a motel for the night! The smart temperature controls flipped on the heating to an absolutely high temperature here in the middle of Summer time.

It was supposed to be the cooling system however it went into heating mode & it would not shut off! I ever pulled it out of the wall & ripped the batteries out & it still would not turn off my central heating & cooling system system’s heater! It was like it was being possessed or something. I had to call the local heating & cooling system supplier from the motel to schedule them to send out a certified heat & cooling system specialist to dismantle the smart temperature controls & then get my central heating & cooling system’s heating system to turn off. The next day came & when the heating & cooling system specialist arrived to my cabin it was well over a single hundred degrees in there from the heating being stuck in the on position. If I had stayed there I surely would have been dead by morning. The heating & cooling system expert got it to shut off & then issued myself and others brand modern & new smart temperature controls. This modern smart temperature control was much nicer than the 1 I had. It seemed my ancient a single had a short in it which caused all the issues that it was having. I felt ecstatic to have a modern smart temperature control & my Heating & Air Conditioning plan fully under control.

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