It was Harder than I imagined

When I first set out to be an independent heating and air conditioner specialist, I had no plan that the path to success was going to be so hard! The 1st section that makes it strenuous is trying to rack in purchasers. That in and of itself takes a while if you even can be successful. The other thing is that because of what I just said, there is an opportunity that you may not make a good wage and wind up broke and homeless from being an independent heating and air conditioner specialist if you do not know how to sell yourself at 1st. Then, the fact that you have to run everything yourself in terms of booking schedules and accounting is the icing on the cake! I tried my hand at being an independent heating and air conditioner tech for about 3 weeks and since nothing was happening and I was stressing on how I would make ends meet, I quit trying, closed shop and went back to work for a local heating and air conditioner biz as one of their certified heating and air conditioner specialists. At least this way I get paid no matter what just for showing up to work every single morning of the week, plus I have a minute wage and do not have to worry about keeping accounting, paying taxes and all that which comes along with being an independent heating and air conditioner specialist. It was an experience that has taught myself and others that this kind of heating and cooling work is simply not right for myself and others and I am better working for an Heating and A/C corp.

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