It was that hot

It was so hot the other day that my central heating and air conditioning system was majorly working overtime just to be able to cool my home. However it could not get itself to the temperature set on the thermostat! Yes it was that hot out! So in order to get the house to even seventy five degrees I set the thermostat on the wall to seventy one degrees. This is what was really making the central heating and air conditioning system work overtime. But what else could I do? I needed to have some kind of quality and cool air conditioning. Anything above seventy five degrees just gets a bit too uncomfortable to me. So I have to have it at that temperature at the very highest. I could never have it any higher than that or it’s pointless. That is just how I am really. I was lucky that this super hot day was only for one day and not the whole week or weeks on end. Yes it is still very hot here, but not so hot that the central air conditioning can not completely do its thing properly like it was that one day last week. I have the most up to date and brand new central heating and air conditioning system in my home, so for it to not be able to handle that heat, this should tell you exactly how bad and deadly hot it was outside. I will probably have to call my local heat and a/c company soon to have them do an HVAC tune up and check up a little earlier than normal after that!


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