It was the ugliest grand home theater in history.

My sister had told me she was going to have a grand home theater built in her basement.

I pictured raised seats, a popcorn machine, a large viewing screen, and a movie projector.

She talked about how nice the grand home theater was going to be, and to be honest, I was hoping to watch some of our favorite movies there. For six weeks, I listened to her rave about her grand home theater, and I was getting as excited as she already was. When the premiere arrived, I couldn’t wait to get to her house. She said she was viewing one of our favorite Halloween movies. We always loved going to showings of the Rocky Horror Picture Show, and I had already dressed as my favorite character, just for the preview. When I got to her house, she was dressed up in costume, and so was her partner. They took me down into the basement, and I had to paste a smile on. It was the ugliest grand home theater in history, in my estimation. They had an 80” screen television set on the wall, and a store bought DVD of the Rocky Horror Picture Show. There were some comfy looking chairs scattered around the area, but unless you were right in front of the television set, you couldn’t see well. There was no popcorn machine and no carpeting on the floor. I guess it was all the hype that had me disappointed, but I expected something more than watching a movie on the television set. She was so excited, and I didn’t have the heart to say anything other than comment on how nice everything looked.

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