It’s a farewell to the old HVAC unit

For sure, that old HVAC unit was a trooper.

That piece of HVAC equipment was actually the very first appliance I ever purchased.

At the time, the seller was super resistant to replacing the HVAC unit. That guy was actually unwilling to do much of anything before the sale of the home. But this ended up working out for us in the long run. Since that man was so bent on doing nothing, we walked away from the closing. This got his attention and he was in willing to negotiate on the price in order to not have to do all the stuff himself. The first improvement we made was the residential HVAC. The HVAC company was great and that’s why we are still with the same folks some 25 years down the road. The old HVAC unit was now at the end of the line. Utility costs will be going to rise spectacularly which is a clear indication that the heating and cooling equipment just can’t meet demand. This meanest a farewell to the HVAC unit which has served us so well. That thing never gave us one second of trouble. We stuck with HVAC maintenance from the very beginning and it sure has paid off. I can’t speak highly enough about the value of consistent, seasonal HVAC maintenance. I’m sure looking forward to the new hvac technology of our new residential HVAC. But I would be remiss if I did not salute the old HVAC unit for a job well done. I sure have enjoyed all the great quality heating and air.

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