It’s late September and all of us just had our first mild chilly snap since Springtime

This prior Summer season was genuinely brutal in late June.

  • The two of us saw record-cutting temperatures above 112 degrees in our part alone, with surrounding cities in this state being between 100 and 110 degrees.

I naturally had the cooling system on for most afternoons and afternoons, regardless of the changes in temperatures that are normal from week to week throughout the Summer season historically. When I turned on the news and saw what was happening in the Pacific Northwest, I was shocked to hear that people were dying in temperatures higher than 115 degrees because they lived in homes that lacked cooling systems. Since that part is chilly for most of the year, it’s understandable that so multiple people would go through life without ever buying a cooling proposal for their home. When people tried to buy cooling systems, they were told no or forced to wait afternoons or weeks behind the others waiting in line for the same reason. Thankfully, temperatures are slowly starting to change in our area. It’s late September and all of us just had our first mild chilly nsap since Springtime. The leaves are losing their orange and sliding into an amber hue. It’s no secret that Fall is on its way. Before I know it, I’ll have the gas furnace running as frequently as I run the cooling system in the summer. I never get a cut from high energy bills while living in this region. My parents love living down south where they only need a/c when it’s sizzling outside, otherwise they can open windows or doors to get a gentle breeze inside.

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