It's not easy to cool off once you’re hot

I’m surprised that it is still pretty cool out there right now and the temperatures have not warmed up lately.

Last year I was swimming on this day and I’m surprised because it would be a very cold swim if I went down to the beach right now. I would like for summer time to be rolling in more quickly than it does and it would be nice to see the sea warm up once again. I think I had at least a month or more of cold water plus then the seas would be a lot warmer. I like the cold water frequently because everyone of us prefer the way that the therapeutic cold water feels. Each day the water is heating up more plus more but it would be nice to cool things down with a very cold shower instead of going directly to the sea. Every one of us love taking cold water immersion baths and it makes us feel fueled. Every one of us find it hard to cool off once you’re hot. I run the oil furnace throughout the day in my own beach house to make sure that I will always be cool however soon the air conditioner will go and that is going to be the end of the air conditioner season. My friend plus myself are hosting this volleyball tournament plus I decided that I was going to play even if my knees are not going to be feeling up to it. I’ll be able to cool off as long as there is an emergency tent nearby.



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