It’s not Proven, But Uncooked Honey Might Remove Allergies

During the summer, I was babysitting my niece because my sister and hubby were going out of town to celebrate their anniversary. I love my niece Mia, she’s six years old and enjoys going to the park. In fact, if I took her to the park every afternoon she would be quite content with that. I babysat her for six days one time, and on the first afternoon I took her to a park and she fell in love with it. The next afternoon I had something else planned, although she wanted to go back to the park. I insisted on doing something else, which she said yes to after I bribed her to get vanilla ice cream. All of us went to a wildlife preserve that was close to my city, and it was a non-profit facility that rescued injured pets. When the two of us got to the refuge, we met the person in charge of the facility, and she explained what they did and mentioned that the facility was free but that they took donations. While in the office, I realized that there was a shelf with some local honey for sale. Turns out that the facility harvests their own honey and sells it to the public. I was cheerful to buy a jar of raw honey, especially since it was harvested from close to where I live. At times, I suffer from seasonal dust irritations and someone told me that eating local raw honey can help with those symptoms. I am not sure if that is honestly proven, even though I can confirm that I have been eating local honey for years and my dust irritations have improved tremendously. So, I consistently purchase raw honey every time I find someone selling it.

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