It's not quite the same as having a cooling system

I was recently waiting for a flight at the local international airport.

It was going to be a fast trip: just an hour flight to hop a few states over.

I was going to a sizable conference for my job. It’s an annual conference that I’ve come to enjoy, simply because it means about 6 days of traveling and generally relaxing at a hotel. Sure, there are meetings and seminars to go to, however it breaks up the workflow, and is actually quite a stressless time for me. Plus, I care far more about the local attractions and eating establishments, which I often find time for despite the meeting schedules that I have to adhere to. There was another reason why I was glad that the conference finally came this year. My home recently lost use of its Heating & Air Conditioning system. I do not have the cash to repair it right now, so I spent the last few afternoons covered in sweat in bed trying to sleep as best as I could. Of course, I used as many fans as I could fit around my bed, however it’s not quite the same as having a cooling system. Anyway, at the airport terminal, it felt so breezy and cool. It was making me sleepy as I was waiting for my flight. I had to fight to keep my eyes open. When I eventually boarded my flight, it was really quite cool and comfortable in the airplane as well. Maybe the terminal and the plane just felt like being spoiled after spending the past few afternoons at my hot house!

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