Just being myself is hard for some people

A lot of people do not care for being around me.

Which is understandable.

I talk a lot about our task plus what I do because I am proud of that fact. I work as an independent heating, ventilation, plus A/C pro so heating and cooling is our life! I have entirely no other interests other than the world of heaters, ventilation shafts,, plus A/C. This gets on a lot of people’s nerves. And as a result, I do not have very many friends these days. But I do have a growing income plus a great client base. So I know that works for me to live a nice comfortable life while doing what I enjoy. I mean, I am just being me. I will not pretend to be someone or something that I am not. I love everything about heating, ventilation, plus A/C. And because of that fact, it seems to be all that I ever talk about to anyone I come into contact with. I know that sounds nuts, however again I am just being me. I have been into nothing however heating, ventilation, plus A/C systems ever since I graduated from heat plus air conditioning school many years ago plus got into the heating plus cooling business. Heating systems plus air conditioning units are everything that I enjoy doing, everything that I guess about plus most of all, I have the most brand new and up-to-date heating, ventilation, plus A/C device in our house. That is a nice thing that not many people can claim to have. I have it because I worked darn hard for it!


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