Last one then my air filter

Today is going to be a immense chill beach afternoon and I want to get out there by about 4pm, or half past the hour at the latest, so I can get a great spot in the sand.

The nice part about residing in this town is I don’t have to try and find a parking space for my car like I do back apartment in the States, and that was such a pain about residing back apartment that I grew tired of the hassle and decided I was done with the rat race of chasing the American Dream, then air conditioning is not as much of a necessity as back in the States where I lived in the south, requiring the use of a/c almost all year round, and i can hop on my bike and be at the beach in the sand within about three minutes.

Back apartment it would take me about 45 minutes of driving and then after I got a parking spot it would take me ten more minutes to walk to the beach. Anyway, I just ordered a mini split a/c unit for $240 for my study room so I don’t freeze my flatmate out each night as I run the cooling unit for the whole flat just to cool my small study room. So I am hoping that this unit saves me currency each month and pays for itself over maybe two summers or so. I figure I can save $40 a month on my a/c bills by running this much smaller cooling unit compared to the immense central cooling system.

a/c install