Learning about HVAC systems

Right after I finished high school, I had decided that I wanted to go into the heating and cooling business as a specialist.

  • I had no experience with this, even though I had watched my grandfather for years; he was an HVAC professional.

So, what I did was hunt around to find the right school to enroll in, in order to get training that would lead to my certification to become a specialist. When i went to school, I learned everything about heating and cooling – enough to pass my final exam and get my certification. My first day on the job as a certified HVAC specialist working for a local supply company went smoothly! I was a natural; it all came together as if I was working on these systems for years! I could still benefit from learning more, but I know enough to be able to work in the field, fixing and installing central heating and air conditioning units. I am glad I did what I did and chose this work for myself. It’s what I had always wanted to do, deep down, with my life. And now that it is finally here, I care about the aspects of all of it. I will do well as a certified HVAC specialist.


Heat pump installation