Learning how online marketing can help me

Anyone who has a heating and air conditioning business that has not tried online marketing is really depriving their business.

Or really, it doesn’t even have to be a HVAC business, anyone who is not using digital marketing to their advantage is depriving themselves.

I would know, because I learned this myself. I run a heating and A/C business, and I love it. This is exactly what I wanted to do, and even though it can be challenging at times, it makes me feel incredibly successful. However, there were a few things that I knew I needed to improve on, and one of those was creating an online presence. Ofcourse, in this day and age I had to have some online presence. So I created a nice website with a fancy web design and web building and I called it a day. That worked for a little while, but there is so much more to a website than just the design and link building. This is when I had to learn about pay per click and search engine optimization. Before PPC, I had regular ads that would appear on people’s screens. However, PPC is a more efficient advertising method in my experience. Before SEO, I had never tried using keywords before, and I was just expecting that people would come across my website. However, after applying those two methods to my A/C business, I noticed a big difference in how many calls my business received each week. It is amazing how much online marketing can improve a business.


Digital marketing