Leaving the best HVAC ever wasn’t easy

I remember the day that I had to tell my wife about the offer I really couldn’t refuse from my bosses.

I sat in the driveway with the car running trying to figure out how to word what I was going to say.

I sat there long enough that I had to turn the air conditioning on. It’s not as though it was all that hot as much as I was sweating just thinking of my wife’s reaction. The house that we had just finished renovating was supposed to be the home we finally settled in. After years of moving around due to my job, we finally bought a house. And we much the best residential HVAC in that place along with the coolest kitchen you’ve ever seen. The house was just perfect for our needs. I wasn’t expecting to be anywhere but here for maybe the rest of my career. After all, I finally had worked my way into the zone controlled HVAC comfort of the corporate offices. Perhaps all would have gone to plan had it not been for the pandemic. But due to the pandemic, I was needed back out to a regional office that was floundering. It would be at least 3 to 5 years to turn that situation around. And it wasn’t like I could just flat say no either. The bosses don’t take no as an answer and I would be essentially killing my career if I did anything other than say yes. But they gave me the obligatory night to think it over and discuss with my wife. And the discuss with my wife part is what was keeping me inside the air conditioning of my car in the driveway for nearly 45 minutes.



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