Life is unpredictable

Life can be totally unpredictable.

You never think what is going to happen from one hour to the next.

I was very much reminded of this when our central heating and a/c broke down out of nowhere a few weeks back. I had just gotten our heating as well as A/C tune up and check up done and I was not expecting the central heat and air conditioning component to chop down. It just did not make any sense what so ever. The heating and cooling specialist found nothing wrong and said that our central heating and a/c was relaxing to go. But things happen. I had to call the local heat and air conditioning contractor right away and tell them that their Heating and A/C specialist was wrong. And after that I had to schedule them to come out right away to service our central heating and a/c. Because of the false information that came out of the heat and air conditioning tune up and check up, I got lucky and they said they would service our central heating and cooling component for free! I did not have to pay a cent. That is another case of how life is unpredictable. I would have never thought that they would admit fault and repair our central heating and a/c for free! You do not see that kind of thing every single day. So it worked out quite well actually. They got someone out on the same day within hours so I did not have to go somewhere for the night.

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