Looking into a new furnace

My furnace was already installed when we purchased our house.

  • We’ve now lived on the property for nearly fifteen years.

I googled how to figure out the age of the heating system. I needed to locate the serial number and look up the make and model online. I figured out that the furnace is twenty-three years old. It has operated well beyond the expected lifespan. It’s really no surprise that the system is no longer keeping the house perfectly warm. It’s not producing a sufficient amount of heated air, which requires the unit to run for longer cycles. The furnace has gradually lost energy efficiency, causing much higher utility bills. My biggest concern is the strange noises and unpleasant smells. I worry about contaminated indoor air quality and the possibility of the heater failing in the middle of a January blizzard. When the temperature dips into the negative digits, the furnace is forced to work extra hard. That’s probably when it would quit and need to be replaced. I’d rather not be in a rush to get a new furnace in place. I’d be forced to accept whatever model is handy instead of shopping around for a good price and the best features. I’ve started looking into the most well-known manufacturers and the models available. There are now furnaces that achieve up to 98% AFUE ratings and offer extras such as adaptable-speed technology, wifi connectivity and zone control. I also need to find an HVAC contractor that I can trust to complete a heat load calculation to determine proper sizing. I know that there are contractors that will simply install a furnace that’s larger than necessary to make more money and avoid the extra work of figuring out the specifications.