Loose endings heating up with company cards

We just got our company cards for our band plus my friend and I are going to start getting them out there for our Soundcloud page.

We just made a nice song about money plus are going to play again later this week plus maybe make some modern music.

Our goal is to have 50 music by the end of the year plus from them split an album of about 15 music. We need to decide which music are the best ones plus then work on the album, which will go online on many odd sites plus then my friend and I transport on. Heating up in the summer, the weather absolutely brings in the tourists so my friend and I can play at air conditioned beach bars this summer time plus be on our way to larger plus better things hopefully. I think by the time I hit my 20 year mark of entertaining my friend and I can have some nice stuff going on with the band, which will be in October of 2025, then my Heating, Ventilation, plus A/C rep said it comes down to fate as to whether I can leave my task at the heating company plus hit the giant time with the band. Maybe it is already determined plus I just have to go through the motions to see if fate is on my side with the music venture, I absolutely don’t know however I do know that I have fun making music plus playing drums so why not do it for the sake of that? The cooling corp will always be there for me as people will always need air conditioner in their homes.

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