Make sure you know who is working on the HVAC

I’m all for getting out in the world and doing your own thing.

In fact, I did just that when it comes to how I make my living.

When I left the quality heating and air of my parent’s house for college, I did so with a purpose. My passion was landscaping and I wanted to do landscaping design for a living. And I wanted to do it for myself. The idea of working from someone day in and day out inside the zone controlled HVAC of an office was not my idea of happiness. Instead of all that air conditioning, I wanted to spend a lot of my life outside. So I studied and then apprenticed with a mentor for several years as well. But the idea was always about me going out on my own and doing my own thing. That’s exactly what I did. And while I do have a small office with quality heating and air, I’m in love with being outside to make my living. However, I am also a very qualified professionals. I have all sorts of certifications and licensures that prove I know what I’m doing. I find that this is very important when hiring any sort of service. Even the HVAC professionals I have working at my home are certified and licensed. I have a neighbor who deals with a sort of handyman who says he was once a certified HVAC technician. Yet, he doesn’t guarantee his work as my neighbor found out the hard way. It’s just always best to stick with certified professionals like the HVAC professionals from your local HVAC company.

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