Make sure you vent your room

When you are painting inside, you need to be certain to vent the area before, during and after the painting.

Never paint with closed windows.

It could be deadly. One thing that helps is to have both a portable air conditioner and a portable air purification system. If these two pieces of important equipment are run at the same time, with a few windows opened, they will vent the area. It can genuinely make the difference between having to leave your home for 24 hours, especially if you spread your work out and do one room at a time. With a portable air conditioner and air purification system, you can clear the awful air quality created by paint fumes in a few minutes. Without these, and opening windows, you would have to leave your home for the day, perhaps even two days or more. It is difficult to say really. But what isn’t difficult to predict is that, with these things, you can genuinely speed things up and have those poisonous paint fumes out of your home a heck of a lot faster! I tried it out, and it worked for me perfectly the last time I did some indoor painting in my home.

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