Making a name for ourselves with good HVAC service

As the HR of a well-renowned telecommunication supplier, our task is to ensure I create a relaxing and comfortable working environment for the employees, no matter their level; however, I recently completed a survey to hear the employees’ views, compliments, and complaints… Then one of the major complaints was the need for help with indoor comfort, however the client maintenance team complained about the extreme heat in the office, which was affecting their productivity.

They also pointed out that the temperature control sometimes worked and showed wrong readings.

The two of us had bought the entire HVAC component from the same HVAC brand as it would be easier to upgrade any malfunctioning device. I collected all the complaints about the plan and had the resident HVAC repairman assist with the HVAC maintenance. I advised the HVAC professional to be done by the time client maintenance week rolled in. it would be relaxing to have the employee’s grievances met by then. I consistently communicated with the contractor and even approved an invoice from the HVAC provider to supply current HVAC devices to upgrade the worn-out singles. There was a lot of back-and-forth communication, however the people I was with and I managed to get started on the work. The two of us were hoping not to incur an extra cost on a current HVAC upgrade and were blissful when the contractor confirmed that the issue could certainly be fixed by replacing the worn-out parts. The contractor incorporated the current HVAC technology for a better and quality HVAC system; which surprisingly did not cost much and improved the function of the HVAC unit, and by the time the client maintenance rolled in, the indoor comfort had improved thanks to the experts from the local HVAC business. The supplier blissfully celebrated our client maintenance department for the work they put in every afternoon for the business’s success.

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