Malfunctioning air conditioner ruins first date

I’ve been flirting with one of my coworkers for nearly two years, and we’d run across each other in the breakroom, at multiple office functions and in the elevator at the start and end of the workday.

I recognized early on that Mike is super shy.

I knew that getting him to ask me out would take some effort. It took a lot longer than expected, he finally asked me to supper last June. I was delighted. I purchased a up-to-date dress and shoes, got my hair colored and even tied up a manicure for the occasion, then although the outdoor hot and cold temperatures were always in the high eighties with brutal humidity, I chose a long-sleeved dress. I knew the restaurant would be blasting the air conditioner, and I didn’t want to shiver the whole time. As soon as my buddy and I sat down at our table, I knew there was a problem. The restaurant felt severely boiling. When I asked our hostess about it, he informed us that the air conditioner had malfunctioned and was currently being repaired. He assured us the cooling system would be up and running within the next couple of hours. That didn’t help my situation at all. I had sweat running down my face and soaking through my dress. I drank way too much water and ended up needing to use the bathroom three times. Because of that air conditioner malfunction, our first date was a disaster. It helped that Mike was also wearing long sleeves and dripping with sweat profusely. It was a truly short date. We were both sad to leave, but fortunately, Mike asked me out again a week later, and my buddy and I had a great time. We’ve been dating every since.


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