Miriam wasn’t sure what to do after high college

Miriam is the only kid in her family who didn’t seem to have an ambition to go to college.

All her cousins had immense plans to join ivy league colleges.

But, since Miriam was struggling in college, she never felt the drive to join college. Instead, she kept saying she’d think about what to do after college. Miriam began toiling at a local mall when she was 13 to make currency. She cares about making clothes plus would use her salary to get supplies. Her Dad also supplemented her income, however was also proud of the effort that Miriam was making. Perhaps she’d become a fashion designer when she grew up. However, Miriam wanted a stable job since security was crucial to her. She’d seen her Dad have a nice life toiling a stable job so Miriam thought about going to Heating and A/C college. They’d had an Heating and A/C expert come to speak at their college in senior year about the Heating and A/C industry. She explained the pros plus cons of the Heating and A/C industry. Plus, the several opportunities to find stable plus lasting work. Miriam was hooked on this because she knew she’d never lack toil as an Heating and A/C expert. Her desire was to toil at this job plus continue designing on the side. Perhaps one day someone would discover her work, however for now, toiling as a Heating and A/C expert would make her life plus future good. Applying to Heating and A/C college wasn’t that hard, plus Miriam also got a part time job toiling as an assistant to an independent Heating and A/C professional. She was the woman who always came to repair their AC plus Miriam knew she’d learn from the best.
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