MY 5 year plan for HVAC work

I was a kid when my parents first moved us deep into the southern states. The first ten years of my life had been in the pacific northwest, a land of rain and evergreen trees. There was a huge shock to the system that came with moving so far south, where it was hot and humid all the time, and even when it rained the raindrops were scalding hot! I spent a lot of time indoors after moving down here, and if I’m being honest that never changed over the course of twenty years. Air conditioning was a lifeline in such oppressive weather, which is how I became interested in working with it for a career. I reached a point when I was successful enough that I could afford to move away and go back to the land of my childhood. The problem arose that HVAC techs make a lot more money down in this part of the country, so by moving I would be forced to take a huge pay cut. I missed the old town, of course, but I very much enjoyed how much money I was making for HVAC work down here. I sat down to write out a plan for the future, and figure out how long I would have to work HVAC down here to save up enough for an early retirement. If I had enough money I could move, and then set up my own HVAC shop. I might not get rich from it, but it sounded like it could be a nice change of pace after working down here for so long.


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