My beach apartment is now updated with a phenomenal heat pump

Being a child who grew up in the northern midwest, I was shocked and amazed when I visited the ocean for the first time and swam at the beach.

The surf was mild that day and the water was surprisingly clean and free of algae and other water contaminants that are usual nowadays.

My parents took our siblings and I down to the ocean a few more times before they got a divorce and all of us moved out west to be with our maternal Grandparents. Like multiple kids experiencing beaches at an early age, I was gleeful at each trip. Occasionally the weather would be overcast and the waves would be choppy, however I would still swim as long as there weren’t any dangerous rip currents. After I stopped seeing the beach for so multiple years, I forgot about it altogether. Now I am married and our fiance wanted a beach apartment to be closer to her own family. Our beach apartment was built in the 1971s and desperately needed a current heating proposal inside, as it was subsisting with an electric coil in the air handler. The two of us looked at a variety of different central gas gas furnaces before settling on a heat pump. With efficiency ratings as high as 300%, it seemed care about a no-brainer to purchase a heat pump. Our heat pump handles both heating and cooling in our beach condo. For a setup care about that, it’s undoubtedly difficult to beat! You won’t worry about heat pump issues in a beach apartment where temperatures never drop below 30 degrees anyway. Others might need a supplemental heating source in a colder environment.



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