My boss upgraded the Heating & A/C system at last

My boss is entirely slow when it comes to making improvements and replaces on the building my associate and I labor in.

My friend and I had roof leaks for 2 years before my associate and I finally paid to have the roof replaced, then and before that my associate and I had Windows leaking whenever it would rain and the wind would push it against the building. It got entirely bad during a tropical storm this year! The wind from the storm pushed the rain against the side of the building and it ended up coming through our window because of the leaking. If the window had been better sealed from the outside, this leaking would not have been a problem. It’s just something that you have to be mindful of when you’re dealing with Windows and lots of rain. It’s also discouraging when there is high winds pushing that rain into locales where it’s not used to going. I should be glad that the roof is not leaking anymore, but the windows are still a frustration. The other thing that my boss entirely needed to upgrade was the heating and cooling system inside of our office. The furnace was too weak in the winter and my associate and I would all get extremely frigid from the frigid temperatures outside, but by the time it would get hot outside, the A/C was too weak to keep up. It’s difficult to labor in these conditions when you’re consistently uncomfortable because of the temperature. Pushed my boss to replace the Heating & A/C system sooner, but I am just glad that it’s finally getting done at this point, but now my associate and I can labor in peace with better heating and cooling.


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