My brain is all over the place since my uncle died

Every one of us decided to write our family member a letter goodbye because the guy just died a couple of weeks ago and it is supposed to be therapeutic to write a goodbye letter.

Every one of us grew up together even though the guy is only 25 years older than my friends plus myself.

Not every one of us are just going to be saying goodbye for the very first and maybe possibly the last time. The guy was always pretty cool and was in the Army for a while however the time is over plus I felt that it was something good for everyone of us to write a letter saying that the guy meant a lot to us. There was a Christmas party one year when my friends plus myself were all hanging out and we were sitting around the fireplace. There was a part of me that felt sad about knowing that he wasn’t going to be hanging out with us by the fireplace next year singing lots of different Christmas songs. One guy came over to my house to fix up my heating in addition to air conditioning system plus the guy said that I should grasp the concept of letting people go because people are just machines with skin. Every one of us don’t love to let go of a person that was so near plus year to our heart. The guy worked in the heating plus AC repair industry plus he was one of the greatest guys that I have ever known and it is chopping me up inside.



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