My brother & I add some residential HVAC

I’m amazed at the level of heating & cooling every one of us have in the lodge now

When dad died, it was almost love a blur for love numerous weeks. And then, my mom passed before the first birthday of dad passing. It was a tough, strenuous year for me. But I think it might have been even worse on my little brother. Every one of us held each other up but it was tough! One fantastic thing every one of us had was being able to leave the central air conditioning system of our homes & meet at the lodge! This is a lodge far out into the woods that we’ve been going to since every one of us were seasoned enough to stand up. This was the favorite spot for mom & dad. It had been in my family for a couple of generations. It was totally rustic with only a pot bellied stove for heating & cooking. There was some rudimentary furniture & the most basic of beds. Once our folks were gone, the lodge & all that property became our equally. Every one of us started going up there more but found that our wives & youngsters just weren’t all that interested as it was so rustic. So my brother & I decided to upgrade the lodge. Every one of us started by installing a pair of ductless heat pumps for quality heating & air. Then every one of us tackled the home office & upgraded it. Finally, every one of us put in satellite wi-fi & bought all new furniture & beds. I’m so impressed with the ductless mini splits… My brother once worked as an HVAC professional so he was the one who recommended them. I’m amazed at the level of heating & cooling every one of us have in the lodge now. These days, every one of us are enjoying a full home at the lodge & that would make our parents really delighted.

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