My brother thinks he’s the best HVAC technician

My brother really thinks that he is the best HVAC technician in the world.

I guess somewhere along the line, someone told him that he was fantastic.

I am not saying that he is not a good HVAC technician; don’t get me wrong. I know that he knows a whole lot about furnaces and air conditioning systems. I just don’t think that he is the greatest one in all the world like he thinks that he is. My brother has always had issues with feeling like he is better than everyone else. Even when we were kids, he always liked to act like he was number one at everything. We used to fight about it but eventually I just gave up and let him think that about himself. My brother has a lot of issues, but lacking confidence is not one of them!I was surprised that he did not run for president or something like that because he thinks so highly of himself. Anyway he ended up going to our local technical school to get his HVAC certification, and so now he is the best HVAC technician in the state. Well, at least he is the best HVAC technician in the state according to himself! He really drives me crazy sometimes, that’s for sure. I hope that they never give out awards or anything at the HVAC company where he works. If he ends up winning something, then there will just be no living with him from then on. I mean, I’m proud of him, but he makes that difficult.

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