My brother was the worse HVAC technician I had ever met.

I asked him when he was going to school, and he simply shrugged.

I loved my little brother, but an HVAC technician he was not. I knew he had always wanted to be an HVAC technician, but he had to go to school for HVAC if he wanted to work on my HVAC system. My mother allowed him to work on her HVAC system, and my sister thought he did pretty good, but I didn’t. I watched him work on my mother’s HVAC system. He was sloppy and unsure of how he was ever going to make it as an HVAC technician, even if he went to school. Last month, he was working on my mom’s furnace. He had several parts laying on the floor and I watched as he looked at the parts and then tried to figure out where they came from. It was difficult enough trying to watch him figure out the puzzle, but it was even worse when he couldn’t get the furnace parts to fit. He almost threw a hissy fit like a child and showed no professionalism. When he saw me standing there, he asked me if I had a question. I asked him when he was going to school, and he simply shrugged. He asked why he would pay for school when he was already getting paid to repair HVAC units, and he hadn’t yet gone. I told him that if he went to the HVAC technician’s school, they could pay him as a professional and he could do a better job. The only thing he heard was that he could get paid more. He could have cared less that he would be a better HVAC technician.


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