My business website was down all weekend

It’s hard to be a small business owner and have no other employees.

I have to do everything on my own.

I am almost at a point where I can hire someone else to work as a part-time employee. I am struggling this winter, but spring will bring some serious change. I am usually very busy on the weekends, because I offer services 7 days a week. I charge no extra fees for services on Saturdays and sundays. I thought it was very strange that I didn’t have a lot of calls last weekend. I normally have about seven or eight different calls throughout the weekend and sometimes more if the weather is extremely cold or hot. When I got to the office on Monday, the first thing I did was check the phones. There were a couple of missed calls. One call was from a commercial customer of mine. The guy said that he was trying to get a hold of me on the weekend. He went to the website to fill out the online form that sends me an email with a customer request. Unfortunately, the website was down all weekend. The commercial heating and cooling customer was unable to get a hold of me. I’m so glad that the guy is a good customer, because someone else might have simply gone to a different company and never told me about the website problems. I don’t frequently check the website for the heating and cooling company and it was nice to know that there was a problem so I could fix the issue.


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