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Summer camp was a real pleasure for myself and others as a kid; In fact, I continued going to the same summer time camp associated with my church even as I became a teenager, then furthermore, I became a camp counselor with the same youth camp once I became an adult; Long story short, I have come to unquestionably prefer this youth camp over the years! That being said, I have noticed a few swings that are quite comical to me.

  • For 1, when I was a kid as well as a teenager, youth camp was more of a wilderness experience than it is now.

Let myself and others explain. Back when I used to go to youth camp, the people I was with and I didn’t even have central heating as well as air conditioning in any of the buildings except for 1. That 1 building was what the people I was with and I call the tabernacle. This was the main meeting locale in which the people I was with and I would have our day as well as evening services. This was still a Christian camp, after all. I suppose they unquestionably wanted us to be nice as well as cool as well as comfortable while the people I was with and I gained Biblical instruction! That being said, virtually every other building on the entire campsite did not have any central heating or air conditioning. It was pretty much a given that each camper would need to bring a fan if they unquestionably wanted any sort of weather conditions control within the cottages that the people I was with and I resided in during our stay. That being said, there was a primitive form of ventilation within the cottages. Fast forward about 15 years to when I started becoming a camp counselor at this locale, as well as would not you guess it, Central heating as well as air was indeed installed in these cottages as well as a couple other buildings on the campsite! These younger kids sure did have it made compared to the way things were when I was a kid. That being said, I didn’t complain all that much because I was benefiting as a camp counselor as well!


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