My coworker needs to install a fence around her new home

My coworker Tami and I were chatting in the coffee room last week, and she was telling me about her new house that she just moved into.

While she loves the house, she wants to install fencing around it so that she could have more privacy while she plays with her kids in the yard.

She also has a dog, and she would like to install fencing so that her pup can run around freely. A few years ago, when I purchased my home, I had the same issue, I needed to have fencing installed as well. Of course, most new homes in the state that we live in don’t include fences as that is a cost that the homeowner usually absorbs as part of their contract. Anyway, Tami asked me about the fence company that I used to install my vinyl fencing and I was able to pull up the company online for her. I couldn’t remember the name of the person from the fence company that installed my fence, but I assured her that he did a fantastic job. And the company has a 4.8-star rating with over 500 reviews, which means they have had many satisfied customers. Tami also asked me about the price that I paid for my vinyl fencing and she said it was cheaper than the quote she had received from another fence company in town. Because I hired this company a few years ago, their prices are probably higher today, so I made sure that she was aware of that. Either way, Tami said that she would call the fence company and request a quote. I hope that she gets a good deal and will use the same company to install her fence.



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