My DIY duct cleaning meant I required sealing

I had the dumb idea of cleaning our own air duct! My fiance got myself and others a pole with different ends on it for our birthday… I have an end that is a poof that is meant for taking down webs. I have an end that can clean windows, dust ceiling fans and scrub corners in the ceiling. I used our ceiling fan dusting end and figured it could serve as a air duct cleaning tool. I noticed webs on our vent covers. I knew inside the ducts had to be icky. I took down all the vent covers and shoved our pole up in there. I definitely went to town scrubbing. I felt so accomplished when I saw the gunk that came off on our end. I definitely was proud of myself until a few afternoons later. I noticed our A/C just never turned off. It kept running and running but the home was hot. I called a HVAC supplier and the guy told myself and others I must have messed up with our air duct since our system was fine. I then called a air duct supplier who informed myself and others that our duct had a tear along a seam; Apparently while I was cleaning the ducts I was too severe and popped a seam, but he then performed air duct sealing in order to patch the hole for me… While he was there the guy showed myself and others the inside of our ducts. I was shocked to see it was filthy. My pole didn’t get definitely deep in the air duct. I only cleaned an inch or more than one inside. I am never going to scrub that myself again.

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