My father wanted me to join his HVAC company.

My father brought up the subject of his HVAC company last week.

He had been telling me he wanted me to join his HVAC company for several months now.

It all started about a year ago, when I was talking about graduation. I didn’t want to work for the HVAC company, but I didn’t know how to tell my dad. I had other plans for my future that had nothing to do with being an HVAC technician. He kept telling me he couldn’t wait for me to become an HVAC technician. He wanted me to work for him and he would eventually change the name of the company to Terry and Son’s HVAC company. I knew I had to be honest with him, but I was worried he would get mad at me. He had his heart set on me being an HVAC technician, but I had my heart set on me going to college and being a lawyer someday. I talked to my mom about my plans and she told me it would sound better coming from me, but she would bring up the subject. While we were eating dinner that night, mom asked me what I wanted to do after graduation. I said I wanted to go to school, and dad smiled. He said he would pay for me to go to the HVAC technical school. I asked him if he would also pay if I wanted to go to school and become a lawyer. He said nothing, but I knew he was angry when he got up without eating and got into the car.
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