My grandfather didn’t have central air conditioning

When you grow up down here, HVAC cooling is just part of the picture.

I can’t remember a time when I wasn’t able to count on air conditioning during our brutal heat and humidity of summer.

Of course, we had heat pump to provide it all the central air conditioning in our home. My dad was particularly proud to always have the latest when it came to residential HVAC. To this day, he’s proud of his residential HVAC even though he lives in a little condo. Of course, he has the latest in ductless heat pumps where he lives now. Those ductless heat pumps really get the job done when it comes to cooling off his place. We were sitting around in that great HVAC cooling not too long ago having a laugh about how his father was. Grandpa would come to stay with us when I was little and he had a million stories. Grandpa was one of the most entertaining people you could ever be around. My dad would even listening to some of the stuff that old man was saying. One thing my dad confirmed as true with the fact that my grandfather never had central air conditioning. In fact I don’t think he had residential HVAC until he was in his 70s. But my grandpa grew up on a farm and was used to scheduling his life around the heat and humidity of summer. I can still remember him preferring to go out on the porch to catch a breeze in the shade than sit inside the central air conditioning of my dad’s house.


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