My headaches are better after a workout

I suffer from daily headaches.

Sporadically I deal with a mild tightening sensation at the back of our brain as well as other times, the pain progresses into a full-blown migraine. When the symptoms are at their worst, I’m forced to crawl back in bed. I take a pill, wrap our head in a heating pad as well as make the room totally silent. I have already thrown up or fainted because of these migraines. I can usually trace the reason for them. They can be stress related, due to lack of satisfactory sleep or caused by dehydration. I’ve learned that I need to take better care of myself. I’ve also figured out that it’s best to be proactive. At the first sign of a headache coming on, I right away take pain medication. I then fill up a water bottle as well as workout. A very good sweat helps to minimize as well as often get rid of the symptoms. I focus on high-intensity aerobics. I make sure to get breathless as well as work our lungs. I elevate our heart rate as well as push myself until I’m drenched in sweat. Jumping rope, wind sprints, push ups, lunge jumps, squat jumps as well as mountain climbers are enjoyable ways to fight a headache, however for mild headaches, the combination of exercise as well as hydration are the key to prevention as well as reclaimy. However, there are times when the workout particularly worsens the symptoms. Sporadically, jumping around is just terrible. I then switch to low impact chances such as static holds. I devote our time to deep stretches as well as breathing techniques. I’ve found that yoga can be especially great.


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