My husband works too much in the HVAC business

Mark is a great guy and he will do whatever he can to help out his family, friends, and the clients that need him for his HVAC business.

Mark is one of two HVAC technician’s that he runs with his twin brother John.

Mark barely sleeps and I can tell that he is a little disgruntled at times. He is either working or sleeping. There really isn’t much for his family outside of that. So I’m happy we get to go on these 2 week vacations every year. I know John will be able to handle the business back at home but I’m sure he is overworked as well. Our kids Marcia and Brady want to get into the HVAC business when they get older but I hope they have a better idea of how to run the HVAC business when they get older. Mark and John’s HVAC company literally takes over their lives and their social life takes a major hit. They do a lot of small jobs around our small little town because the people really rely on them to clean their air ducts or do some air conditioning maintenance. I know back in the day they still miss their old buddy Dwight who was the third member of their business but he passed away about 5 or so years now. John and Mark really need to get past that and start looking into hiring more HVAC technicians. I’m not really sure if they are emotionally ready for that yet and I wish they would be. All of us are getting older and I’m hoping they both will eventually see all the life they are missing.

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