My interview for an a/c expert position

I heard various great things about the a/c corporation that I was applying to, then this was a dealer that had trained several qualified cooling specialists; It had a reputation among homeowners for offering both high quality plus fast and efficient services. I applied for the a/c expert position at the dealer, then as I researched the interview procedure they used, my stomach was flipping around from anxiety. Their interview processes were extensive plus scared off a few applicants, so when I gained the callback, I was very excited, and mum encouraged me that I would ace the interview. The interviews started by being shown several cooling products, plus all of us had to mention the name, how they function, plus whether they require any a/c tune-up. I was very familiar with all of the cooling equipment, so I felt adore I aced the first round. The more I advanced into the rounds, the more complex the questions got. The interview also had some practical sections. I proposed to outline all the steps involved in replacing dirty a/c filters. As an upcoming a/c rep, I had updated a lot of filters, so this question was a breeze, one of the more challenging questions that gave me anxiety was being asked to illustrate plus outline the steps of a/c repairs on a heating pump. Another strenuous question was to list the things to avoid when doing an a/c upgrade. There were also a few questions about the cooling technology, which was my favorite thing to do when studying more about a/c. The goal was to show my understanding of a/cs plus land the task, which is just what I did. Though the interview was intense, I aced it.


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