My neighbor’s son was our HVAC specialist, and I never knew.

I had known our friend ever since more than one afternoons after the two of us moved into our new house.

She was quite a character, and I soon realized she was quickly becoming my best friend.

She told myself and others if the two of us needed an HVAC specialist; she had the perfect HVAC specialist in mind for us. She gave myself and others a supplier card with his name and phone number and said he was just starting out as the owner of the newest HVAC supplier in the area. I took the card and thanked her for the information. Three weeks later, our air conditioning component broke down and I called the HVAC corporation. Their response was quick, and I was undoubtedly pleased with their work. I knew the two of us were going to become fantastic clients of theirs. When the HVAC specialist asked how the two of us found out about the HVAC corporation, I told him my friend gave us the supplier card with the phone number. He smiled and thanked myself and others and said if there were any further troubles with any section of the HVAC system, all the two of us had to do was call. Both of us used the HVAC supplier several times over the next year, despite the fact that I still hadn’t figured out why the two of us got that unusual smile from the HVAC specialist that first morning. I asked my friend who the young man was? She told myself and others the owner of the HVAC supplier was her son, however he didn’t want her telling everyone. He was afraid that people would use his supplier because they knew her, and not because he was an excellent HVAC specialist.

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