My new HVAC plan

My local HVAC supplier has been promoting their HVAC service plan rigorously lately. At first, I wasn’t interested at all. However, after hearing what it was all about in deep detail, I decided to sign up and pay for a year of their service plan. Quality HVAC repair plans are not easy to come by, in terms of ones that are actually worth the money and cover everything that needs to be covered. But my local supplier actually offered one of the truly few good ones out there, which is why I signed up finally. I got it at the right time, too, because new customers can’t get it now – it’s no longer being offered. They are all sold out. I was truly lucky that I decided to sign up for it when I did; I would have missed out on such a fantastic deal on my heating and cooling system. I will most likely renew it next year, because it is always important to be covered. Also, having no additional charge for service calls, in addition to check-ups is a nice bonus, too. I wouldn’t want to lose that.

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