My old summer camp invests in central heating and air conditioning

Summer camp was a real joy for me as a kid.

  • In fact, I continued going to the same summer camp associated with my church even as I became a teenager.

Furthermore, I became a camp counselor with the same youth camp once I became an adult. Long story short, I have come to really enjoy this youth camp over the years. That being said, I have noticed a few changes that are quite comical to me. For one, when I was a kid and a teenager, youth camp was more of a wilderness experience than it is now. Let me explain. Back when I used to go to youth camp, we didn’t even have central heating and air conditioning in any of the buildings except for one. That one building was what we call the tabernacle. This was the main meeting place in which we would have our morning and evening services. This was still a Christian camp, after all. I guess they really wanted us to be nice and cool and comfortable while we received Biblical instruction! That being said, virtually every other building on the entire campsite did not have any central heating or air conditioning. It was pretty much a given that each camper would need to bring a fan if they really wanted any sort of climate control within the cabins that we resided in during our stay. That being said, there was a primitive form of ventilation within the cabins. Fast forward about 15 years to when I started becoming a camp counselor at this place, and wouldn’t you know it, Central heating and air was indeed installed in these cabins and a couple other buildings on the campsite! These younger kids sure did have it made compared to the way things were when I was a kid. That being said, I didn’t complain all that much because I was benefiting as a camp counselor as well!
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