My opinion on heated flooring

I have to give my opinion on radiant heated floors after having them myself for over a year now.

  • I seriously believe that radiant heated floors are the future of whole home heating! Right now the price of radiant heated floors are genuinely much up there and not all the people can afford them, but I know that in time, radiant heated floors are going to go the same way that central heating and A/C did about 25 years ago, which is that the prices will come down to where the average working class person can afford to get radiant heated floors for their home.

It will be the way that all the people heat their homes in the future I think, then central a/c will still exist for cooling until someone comes up with another more energy efficient concept, but the central heating and A/C systems will no longer be that. They will be just stand alone central a/c units, but your heating will be taken care of from radiant heated floors throughout the home. Ever since I have had radiant heated floors, not only have my energy bills been super low in the cold winter time months of the year, but also the way the radiant heated floors heat my home is like no other form of heating I have ever experienced. Everything is so nice and moderate with no cold spots in the home whatsoever. Also I have to say that the radiant heated floors give off a better form of heating than central heating and A/C system’s gas furnaces do.

radiant floor heating