My Renter Can’t Be Pleased

One of my least preferred things about owning a rental dwelling is dealing with difficult leaseholders… I’ve rented with some really good people, but I’ve also rented to awful people, and currently, I have a leaseholder who’s somewhere in between, then he hasn’t trashed the house, he keeps the shrubbery cut, as well as the neighbors never complain. However, periodically he’s late with his rent payment as well as he’s always complaining about something; One week his dishwasher doesn’t work, the next the floors are creaking. His most recent complaint has been his utility bill. I’m having the floors redone in the home because they’re really old as well as in bad shape. He’s complained about the floors several times, so it shouldn’t be a big deal. However, it’s causing a lot of dust as well as dirt, which is clogging the air filter. I dropped off a pack of fresh air filters for him to rotate in as well as out while the construction is happening, but he doesn’t assume that he should be the one to update the dirty air filter. He’s also complaining about how high his utility bill is due to the restrained air filter. I’ve told him several times that if he’s not willing to update the air filters while the dust as well as debri is floating around in the air, then I can’t help him with his utility bill. I’ve come to accept that this leaseholder can’t be triumphant as well as it’s best to leave him alone. I’m replacing the floors that he complained about as well as all he can assume about is a temporarily high utility bill even though I’ve given him the tools to reduce it.

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