My wife and I won new central air installation

My wife and I this past weekend went to the local fair.

We had a blast with some of the rides and the food was well ok.

Everything at a fair is super expensive these days and I don’t really like to spend a lot of money. The only thing I blew my money on was 10 bucks throwing balls at a target for this clown sitting over a water tank to see him fall in. I only did it because he was talking a lot of smack about my wife. I can handle a lot of things but if anything is ever said about my wife I will lose my mind. After a few tosses of the balls I had I eventually knocked him into the water. Success but not really. In general I know he still won because he got my money and that is what the clowns do to get you frustrated. Other than the clown we went to some vendors and signed up for a new central air installation drawing. We tried to do a few other drawings like painting and a vacation trip. It was pretty awesome because we won the central air conditioning and the HVAC company called us the next day to let us know. I think I was more excited than my wife though as I knew our heating and cooling system was a little outdated and this will save us a ton of money! Next week an HVAC technician is supposed to come out and look at what we have and schedule an appointment after to start the updates. I will always take a risk on free things and this one definitely worked out.



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