My wifey likes using fans

I like to shop at all of the thrift stores in my area.

  • That’s where I found a lot of really wonderful quality clothing that had only been used a handful of times… You can even get name brand stuff that would otherwise be harshly high-priced at a boutique store.

This is something I figured out when I was only in high school. Before then I would spend lots of currency on name brand clothing from the mall plus it was an easy way to drain the currency out of my bank account. I was truly frustrated by the fact that I could only get a few articles of clothing for $100 when I was shopping exclusively at the mall. But then when I went to the thrift store, I could get the same amount of clothing for only $15. Actually this is where I like to get a lot of the clothes that I wear. It’s wonderful quality stuff for a truly low price. But you can get more than just clothing at the local thrift store, then recently I bought a bunch of box fans at the thrift store. I can put them in multiple doorways throughout the home to channel air in plus out from room to room. I like using the fans because they help supplement the a/c. My wifey enjoys using the fans for this reason especially. It’s a wonderful way to get here in plus out from room to room. If you are having problems with ventilation in your house, you can improve the air flow just by using fans.


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