My wifey wants a ductless mini device for her pottery studio

My father-in-law is a mural painter and my mother-in-law is a clay sculptor who sells gorgeous pottery at local art fairs.

Needless to say, my wifey grew up with several hobbies and activities to do related to the arts.

She was never as proficient as either of her parents at their individual art mediums, she still loved art projects and eventually discovered a knack for the electric pottery wheel that was a staple of her mother’s sculpting studio. My wifey tells me nowadays how she would come home from school dripping with stress and exhaustion and would instantaneously believe at home in the sculpting studio when she’d turn on the pottery wheel and transform a small piece of clay into something beautiful or simply interesting. When the people I was with and I finally bought a house together, I told her that my goal was to create a pottery studio for her before the people I was with and I spent money on anything else that isn’tcompletely necessary. I waited more than one years to get a woodlaboring woodshop in the garage because I diverted my recreation money toward stocking my wifey’s pottery studio with tools, clay, glaze, and a kiln to fire her creations and harden them into ceramic stone. Now we’re adding a ductless mini split to the pottery studio to keep my wifey comfortably cool during our intense summer time seasons. She had the option between a ductless mini split and wimpy window A/C and I encouraged her to go with the former even if it meant spending more money than I was expecting at first. I am willing to go to the furthest extent possible to ensure my wifey’s happiness, even if it means going without things that make me ecstatic for the short term.
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