My window AC is great at cooling

My window air conditioning system is great at cooling.

  • I was recently discussing to some other people that had purchased some heating and AC products from the local HVAC company what they thought of them, everybody had gotten a variety of different things I knew a couple people that just picked up some air filters, one person that picked up a ductless mini split ac, one person that was giving UV light filter to try.

When I was asked what I got I told him that I got a window air conditioning system and they seemed surprised because they told me that they had always heard that window air conditioning systems don’t work really well. Then another person tried to say that they had a window AC system for 2 years and it was the worst air conditioning system I had ever had. This really surprised me because I told him that he had been working great for me and I haven’t had any issues with it at all. I told him that I think in some ways it might actually be better than my central AC system. I told him that I have my window air conditioning system in my window and how it runs every single night to bring in all the cool air. I live in a hot climate and so it gets really heated sometimes and I need that window AC to let in all that cool air if I wanted to be sweating to death. It’s impossible to get any kind of sleep if you’re sweating and hot.

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