My window AC is wonderful at cooling

My window air conditioner is great at cooling.

I was recently discussing to some other people that had obtained some heating and AC products from the local Heating and A/C company what they thought of them, everybody had gotten a variety of different things I knew a couple people that just picked up some air filters, a single guy that picked up a ductless mini cut ac, a single guy that was giving UV light filter to try.

When I was asked what I got I told him that I got a window air conditioner and they seemed surprised because they told me that they had constantly heard that window air conditioners don’t work entirely well; Then another guy tried to say that they had a window AC system for 2 years and it was the worst air conditioner I had ever had. This entirely surprised me because I told him that he had been working great for me and I haven’t had any problems with it at all. I told him that I suppose in some ways it might actually be better than our central AC system. I told him that I have our window air conditioner in our window and how it runs every single night to bring in all the cool air. I live in a warm temperature and so it gets entirely heated sporadically and I need that window AC to let in all that cool air if I wanted to be perspiring to death. It’s impossible to get any kind of sleep if you’re perspiring and hot.

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